Preventive Services

Preventive Action and Support – Families with Minors

In the context of Preventive Action and Support for Families with Minors, the Social Welfare Services aim at supporting and empowering families with minors who are facing various social or other problems and difficulties, by providing counseling guidance and to help them contact other government or non-government services, in the ultimate aim of creating conditions for normal functioning of the family life and achieving conditions to reach, especially children, their full potential.

Preventive Action and Support – Families with Adults

Adult preventive actions aim to ensure a dignified standard of living for people falling within the vulnerable groups of the population, e.g. the disabled, the mentally ill, the elderly, people facing substance abuse issues. The SWS on their part evaluates the needs of the persons in question and this is followed up by counselling, support and referral of such persons and/or their family members to other government services e.g. Mental Health Services, Public Employment Service, the Welfare Benefit Administration Service, Police or community organisations and agencies. A multidisciplinary cooperation with other services involved and professionals is then pursued, in order to facilitate the citizens more efficiently.

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