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Director's Message

I welcome you to the Social Welfare Services website (SWS). Our vision is to convert this website into a useful tool which will provide a holistic approach to citizen’s information. Our goal is the continuous improvement of citizen service procedures, and to provide direct access to information concerning programmes and services which are being promoted on an ongoing basis.

Ever since the establishment of the Social Welfare Services in 1952 and their subsequent expansion, the focus has always been on supporting individuals and vulnerable groups of the population.

In the light of the ever changing social problems which have these days become more complex, more acute and more urgent, the responsibilities of the Social Welfare Services have increased, requiring a multidimensional, instant and targeted intervention.

The launching of a modernisation process of the Social Welfare Services and the establishment of the Deputy Ministry of Social Welfare are part of the enormous and multidimensional effort of the Government to reinforce the existing policies for the welfare of citizens, and to safeguard social cohesion. In the updated framework for the modernisation of the restructuring process, specific pillars have been set out and were enriched and fortified with specific actions, which constitute the guidelines the implementation of the restructuring process.

Synergies with social partners, the conclusion of protocols, the support and individual training of the SWS officers, a multidisciplinary handling of each individual case, the promotion of actions to create work positions in the SWS, the evaluation of the programmes, the modernisation of the procedures, etc., are investments which will set the foundations for a change in cultural concepts, the practices and the provision of services.

The goal for providing accessible, affordable, friendly and personalised social services for a holistic support of individuals and their families, in a human-centered, multidisciplinary and effective way, is not just a vision but also a compass for the future; this will certainly not be an easy endeavour, it is however, absolutely necessary for every citizen in need of such services.

Maria Kyratzi

Acting Director