Student Practical Training

The policy followed by the Social Welfare Services is to accept requests, to the extent that this is possible, for the practical training of students in the following fields of studies:

- Social Work, for students studying at various Universities in Cyprus or Greece;
- Psychology, in cooperation with the University of Cyprus (for postgraduate students);
- Nursing, at state Homes for the Elderly and Disabled People which employ personnel of the Ministry of Health.

All requests must be submitted through the academic institutions of the students and addressed to the Director of Social Welfare Services, Prodromou 63, 1468 Lefkosia or the

Applications must include the name of the student, the district, the field of work, the period and the district in which he or she wishes to do his or her practical training. Students’ preferences are examined in accordance with the capacities of the Services.

Download file type Acrobat Αίτηση για Πρακτική Άσκηση στις ΥΚΕ.pdf

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