Sexual Abuse / Exploitation of Children

The sexual abuse and exploitation of children, including child pornography, constitute serious violations of children's fundamental rights to protection and care, necessary for their well-being. According to article 34 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, ratified by the Republic of Cyprus in 1991, the contracting states undertake to protect children against all forms of sexual exploitation and sexual abuse. Furthermore, the 2000 Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography was ratified by the Republic of Cyprus in 2006

The Prevention and Combating of Sexual Abuse, Sexual Exploitation and Child Pornography Law includes provisions of Directive 2011/93/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of the 13th of December, 2011 on combating sexual abuse, sexual exploitation of children and child pornography, as well as provisions of the Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Children Against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse (Lanzarote Convention, 2007).

The Law provides, among other things, the following:

(a) criminalisation of the offenses of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, child pornography, solicitation of children for sexual purposes;

(b) temporary or permanent disqualification of a natural persons who have been convicted for such offences from practicing specified commercial activities or the provision of services which include regular contact with children;

(c) mandatory reporting of any suspicion of sexual exploitation and abuse of children;

(d) providing assistance, support and protection measures of victims, and the protection of children victims during criminal investigations and proceedings;

(e) setting up and running programs for offenders or potential offenders for the purposes of prevention, deterrence and reduction of such offenses; and

(f) taking measures against websites containing or disseminating child pornography.


The Surveillance Authority for Persons Convicted of Sexual Offences against Minors, comprises nine persons and is operating subject to section 47 of the Prevention and Combating Sexual Abuse, Sexual Exploitation and Child Pornography Law of 2014 (91(I)/2014). A representative of the Social Welfare Services participates as a member of the Surveillance Authority.

The Surveillance Authority, in accordance to section 50 of the above Law, has jurisdiction on persons referred to it for surveillance pursuant to paragraph (c) of sub-section (1) of section 14 or section 53 for a period of time specified by the Court. Persons referred to the Surveillance Authority are persons who have committed criminal offences as provided in Law 91(I)/2014 and are related to child pornography and the sexual abuse and exploitation of children.

Following the issuance of the Surveillance Order for the convicted person, the Surveillance Authority may impose the monitoring of such person by the services involved, including the Social Welfare Services, concerning matters of socio-economic rehabilitation and re-integration of the convicted person.

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