Adoptions / Intercountry Adoptions

The role of Social Welfare Services in adoptions is determined by the relevant laws and aims to serve the best interests of the child and to safeguard the child's rights before and during the adoption. Under the Adoption Law, the main responsibilities of the Services are as follows:

- Researching the suitability of persons interested in adopting a child and the preparation and delivery to them of a reasoned report.

- Examining the family circumstances of proposed guardians (the person under whose direct care the minor has been or will be placed for adoption purposes) and providing them with a reasoned report regarding their suitability to take charge of a particular child.

- Performing the duties of a temporary guardian in cases of assuming parental rights and submitting a report to the Court for an adoption order.

- Placing children available for adoption with persons approved for adoption. - Matching and placing children available for adoption with persons approved for adoption.

Intercountry adoptions

Intercountry adoptions are the norm, as there are very few children available for adoption in Cyprus.

Intercountry Adoptions are governed by the Convention on the Protection of Children and Cooperation in respect of Intercountry Adoption (Enacting) Law. This Law regulates the implementation of intercountry adoptions between Cyprus and the other countries that have ratified the Convention.

The Deputy Ministry of Social Welfare, the Central Authority for Adoption of the Republic of Cyprus, in order to exercise all the powers and responsibilities provided for in the Convention for such an Authority, has assigned to the Social Welfare Services the responsibility to act for the implementation of intercountry adoptions made according to the Convention.

The Social Welfare Services will be responsible for communicating with the relevant Central Authorities or Accredited Organisations of other countries, inter alia, by sending suitability reports for potential adoptive parents and attestations regarding the child adoption process. Upon completion of the adoption, the Social Welfare Services send progress reports on the adopted child to the Central Authorities or Accredited Organisations.

Adoption orders issued by a country that is a party to the Hague Convention are automatically recognised by the Republic of Cyprus.

Adoptions / Intercountry adoptions

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