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Department for Social Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities

Center for Autism Family Support and Intervention

The project «Family Intervention and Support Center for Autism» is co-funded by the EU, under the Cohesion Policy Programme “THALIA 2021-2027”, approved by the Council of Ministers on May 6th 2019. The mission of the Project is to provide early intervention services to preschool aged children with Autism Spectrum Disorder along with their families.

The Organization and Implementation of the Center was assigned to the Consortium of the European University of Cyprus, the Social Element-Centre for Social and Human Development and the Center for Social Cohesion Development and Care, after public procurement procedures, and the signing of a public contract with the Department for Social Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities as the contracting authority and the beneficiary of the Project. The contract was signed in August 2021 and the Center operated on October 11th 2021.

The Center is situated in a newly renovated building in Nicosia and can provide its services to approximately 300 children and their families annually.

The main services of the Center are:

    - Psychological Support, Council and Psychoeducation for the parents

    - Home training and support for the child and their main care givers (parents, family members and/or other) with scientific tools designed for young children with ASD

    - Social Support Services (provided by Social Workers employed by the contracting authority).

Further than the guidance and supervision of the Contracting Authority, the Center also collaborates with the Child Development Center of Maccabi Health Services in Israel for further guidance, training and supervision.

The Center is a groundbreaking project for Cyprus in that it provides services as close to the citizens and at the earliest stage possible, further enhancing the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, especially Article 26.

The Center is in line with the first National Strategy on Disability for 2018-2028 and consists a separate action in the Third National Disability Action Plan 2021-2023.

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